Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it possible to do true due diligence on ICOs? What are you going to diligence?

    Although ICOs cannot be diligenced and researched in a traditional, quantitative sense, we will professionalize and standardize the investment decision-making process by assessing potential investments with a hedge fund / private equity lens. Any quantitative analysis would not be used to set a strict price target or valuation, but only contribute to a discussion of value drivers. For more information, see Section III of our whitepaper. As we begin to release proprietary research reports and write on our blog, we hope to give readers additional flavor for how we analyze the idiosyncratic assets in this space.

  • What differentiates Titan from other similar projects? Why should I participate in your fund?

    Beyond being one of the first few actively managed cryptocurrency hedge funds open to high net-worth individuals globally, we believe Titan is differentiated vis a vis other similar offerings as follows:

    1. Our longer-term investment theses driven by fundamental analysis, value-based investing and primary research (vs. shorter-term focus and day-trading)
    2. Professional team with formal training in finance, operations and engineering that is optimally equipped to apply (and adapt as necessary) traditional investment principles to the crypto market
    3. Aligned management team given i) substantial co-invest (we will be buying TC with ~2,000 ETH, or ~$600K USD at a price of $300/ETH with our own personal capital) and ii) a fee structure that is significantly heavier on contingent performance fees and below-market management (non-contingent) fees
  • Why did you decide to partner with Strategic Coin?

    We believe the partnership with Strategic Coin will be accretive to Titan returns given the following reasons:

    1. Exclusive access to proprietary investment opportunities through SC’s network, often at meaningful pre-sale discounts (~20-50%). Such opportunities will be pre-filtered for quality given the rigorous standards required to become an SC client. Further, SC relationships will grant Titan with unique access to management teams, enhancing our due diligence process.
    2. Both Titan and its portfolio tokens will take advantage of SC’s deep bench of subject-matter-experts and executive advisors in investment and operational decision-making processes.
    3. Titan will also receive preferred terms with SC’s other partnerships with industry heavy hitters, such as ICO service/security provider Ambisafe and Global 50 law firm Goodwin Procter.
    4. Sharing of research and best practices across organizations, enabling more penetrating insights as compared to a standalone fund.
  • How will you be storing your crypto assets and how secure will they be?

    Given our longer-term focus, for the majority of our holdings, Titan will be employing a security solution that combines multi-signature functionality with cold storage. Further, any “hot” wallet holdings will be dispersed across a variety of accounts and exchanges. All this ultimately culminates in an asset security model with broadly distributed points of failure – for a more detailed discussion of this topic, please see Section IV of our white paper.

  • Where is Titan Registered?

    Titan is registered in the Philippines because most of our founders and advisors have material ties to the nation. Jorge, Sean, Anthony, and Earl are native residents while Hong has lived in the Philippines for over 10 years.

    Sean and Jorge possess local domain expertise through their past professional experience in the country, and come from a strong and long tradition of family businesses across a variety of industries dating back to the 1970s. Specifically, a selection of family-owned and affiliated enterprises operate in the commercial & retail banking, brokerage and insurance sectors, all of which are in highly regulated industries that require sophisticated compliance knowledge. Some of these businesses have won corporate governance awards from regulators such as the Philippine Stock Exchange.

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