An actively managed cryptocurrency hedge fund

Titan offers access to an actively managed cryptocurrency portfolio to selected high-net worth investors around the world. Limited partners invest alongside a professional team that aims to leverage its fundamental and value investing expertise in navigating the blockchain frontier.

How does it work?

Limited Partnership units ("LP units") in the fund grant holders with ownership of Titan’s cryptocurrency portfolio. Net of management and performance fees, profits shall be distributed to LPs upon any liquidity events.

Why invest with us?

Accessible active management

Titan democratizes access to an actively managed cryptocurrency asset fund beyond institutional investors. Active management in this asset class is paramount given both the high 24/7 volatility of the overall market and the esoteric nature of the due diligence required to successfully navigate the space.

Pedigreed team and advisors

The Titan team will leverage both their traditional finance training and personal crypto investing experience to apply fundamental and value-based due diligence to crypto assets. Investment theses will be validated by a deep bench of industry experts and advisors, including from Titan's partnership with Strategic Coin. Additionally, the team will be contributing a meaningful amount of their own capital to the Fund.

Unique access to pre-ICO opportunities

Due to both our partnership with Strategic Coin and economies of scale, the collective fund will benefit from exclusive access to and increased leverage with pre-ICO opportunities to acquire tokens at a lower cost basis than offered to public retail investors.

One-stop shop

The value of Titan's portfolio will be backed by a vetted selection of cryptocurrency assets. Titan's investors are granted membership to a curated portfolio of assets and minimizes the effort required for portfolio rebalancing.

Secure custody solution

All cryptocurrency assets will be stored securely and efficiently in an institutional-grade, multi-signature security solution with distributed points of failure.